Zoocheck Canada is launching a billboard campaign in order to get Lucy the elephant moved from the Edmonton Valley Zoo to an elephant sanctuary.

The ads feature messages like, "Your tax dollars pay for her suffering" and "Isolation and a bitter cold winter on the way. Hasn't she endured enough?" will appear on Edmonton billboards and bus shelters next week

The animal rights group says Lucy needs more space and should be around other elephants for companionship. She has been the only elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo since 2007.

Members of the Friends of Lucy group walked along Whyte Avenue Saturday to hand out a petition in which they ask city council and the zoo to send Lucy to an elephant sanctuary. 

"Lack of exercise and walking is directly related to the health problems she is experiencing," said protester Melissa Murphy.  "The local zoo of course says its treating her problems, but the only thing that will genuinely help her will be relocating her to a sanctuary in the US."

However, zoo officials say Lucy will remain in Edmonton and they maintain her health is their number one priority.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo has cared for Lucy for more than 30 years.