On this Remembrance Day, Edmontonians are coming together to remember our war heroes at ceremonies across the city.

Thousands came out to the Butterdome Wednesday morning to remember those soldiers in the last 100 years of battle.

"I feel very proud to come out and celebrate it," said Victor Erickson.

Erickson fought in the Second World War.

"It's pretty hard to describe hell but it was ...we had some good times but we kind of dwell on the good times but there were some awful scary times too," said Erickson.

Veterans, relatives and the military marched forward to lay wreathes at Alberta's oldest war memorial at the Beverly Cenotaph Wednesday morning.

The Beverly Cenotaph includes the names of 28 people from the former town of Beverly who died in the First World War.

And at West Edmonton Mall, hundreds crowded in the Ice Palace to pay their respects as bagpipes echoed through the mall as the Jasper Place Legion held its ceremony.

Legion members, soldiers, and the public took part in the event. Stores in the mall also stayed closed until noon when the service was over, out of respect for veterans and those lost at war.