For those in Edmonton who have never been a fan of the name Capital EX for one of Edmonton's most popular summertime events, now is the time to come up with something fresh.

Officials announced Thursday they are rebranding and are looking to the public to come up with something unique to the city.

"Let's all put our thinking hats on and think what would be a great name to reflect our biggest festival, one we would want known internationally," said Northlands president and CEO Richard Andersen.

After six years, Northlands officials say they're still being told "Capital EX" is a name people fail to connect with. And it's for that reason they are launching a new campaign asking the public to submit suggestions for a new name.

Officials say the biggest criticism the name Capital EX has faced in recent years is that it's too generic.

Based on public submissions, Northlands will then create a shortlist of the best ideas.

People can then vote for their favourite name at this summer's ten-day fair. The plan is to have the event run under a different banner in 2013.

The winning submission will be announced on the final day of this year's fair.

With files from Jessica Earle