The Edmonton Humane Society and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton is reminding the public to leave wild baby animals alone if they spot one that appears to be abandoned.

The Edmonton Humane Society says it has received several phone calls from residents who have taken a wild baby White Tail Prairie Hare into their care because they feel that it has been abandoned by its mother.

But, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society says it is common for a mother to leave her babies alone for most of the day so that her scent will not attract predators.

"Most people have very good intentions, but all too often human intervention results in the death of wildlife," said Cheryl Feldstein, executive director of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton.

If anyone suspects that a baby hares mother may have been killed and is not around at all, then a person should call the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton hotline at 780-914-4118 or the 24 Hour Help Line at 1-888-924-2444.