EDMONTON -- The latest dream home lottery opened this weekend, giving ticket buyers a chance to own a luxury home while contributing to one of the Edmonton area's biggest children's charities.

This year's Big Brothers Home Lottery has a jackpot prize of a custom built house in St. Albert valued at $1.3 million, plus $100,000 cash.

Liz O'Neill, executive director of Boys and Girls Big Brothers Big Sisters, is excited for the public to see the 40th house the charity has raffled off on the past 33 years.

She says innovative details and quality finishes will catch the public's attention when they visit the home, and stresses the partnerships they've made with the designers and builders allow more funds to be directed at kid's programming.

"They've brought all their friends, so their friends have given us a discount on the windows, on the flooring, on the furniture and on the drapes. So not only are they bringing their best design, but they too care deeply about the children and the community."


O'Neill says these savings contribute to helping the charity make about a $1-million profit from their largest fundraiser of the year. After school programs, meals for kids, recreation programs, and homework support are a few of the services provided to 5,600 children annually.

Ian Amudson, a club supervisor working with kids and volunteers directly, says the 15 area clubs provide essential services to their community of families and children age six to 18.

"The reality is, the school bell ends at 3:22. It doesn't end for parents, so there's a safe space for the kids to come after school and participate in a number of programs."

Amundson tells CTV News Edmonton these programs can have a ripple effect in the community. "The message of giving back is something that reoccurs over and over."

"One particular boy came back one summer and did just four days, volunteer with a stipend at the end. So at the end of four days he got $250," he recounts. "I said, 'What are you going to do with your $250?' He said, 'I'm going to go and purchase a bunch of shoes for my friend.' He lives in the area, he has no shoes. So I was pretty blown away, being able to hear that."

Tickets for the home lottery are $30 for a single, with package pricing also available. Additionally, another lottery is offered by the charity, with a $10-ticket giving a chance for a 50 per cent split of a total figure that, in the end, could exceed $1 million.

The home is located at 32 Easton Close in St. Albert. For more details, visit the charity's website.