EDMONTON -- A teenage boy is recovering in hospital after being shot early Saturday morning.

Edmonton police say he and another male were standing outside a business at 127 Avenue and 97 Street when a vehicle drove up.

Five people from the vehicle approached the 17-year-old and his friend and demanded their belongings, police were told.

"A brief altercation allegedly took place and one of the vehicle's occupants shot one of the males," police said in a statement.

The vehicle and five people fled.

Police were called at 1:35 a.m. for a personal robbery involving a firearm.

The injured teen was treated on scene and taken to hospital with what officials called non-life threatening injuries.

There are no suspects in custody. Police continue to investigate.

On Sunday, Elizabeth Brown identified herself as the teen’s mom. 

She says her son is afraid to come forward himself for fear of retaliation, but he is currently recovering in hospital. 

She says the bullet went through his leg and caused nerve damage. 

Brown described the scene as chaotic: “[The alleged attackers] had him behind the building and they had the gun up against his ribcage. They were trying to get some things out of his pockets and things he had of value.”

Brown says the gun was discharged even after a phone and wallet were stolen. 

“I got the phone call at about 2:30 in the morning from my ex-husband who was frantic...I didn’t know where he got shot, who shot him, how bad it was, if he was alive. So yeah, it was a long drive to the hospital.”

Brown says her son will be discharged soon, but she hopes this will be a wakeup call for Edmonton. She believes the violence has reached a breaking point. 

“Our city does not need to be a dangerous place. Kids should be able to go to the movies.”