CTV Edmonton Election 2013

Ward Four - Edmonton Candidates

CTV Election 2013 profile for Ward 4 candidate Ed Gibbons CTV Election 2013 profile for Ward 4 candidate Sam Hachem


Despite mature neighbourhoods like Belvedere, this is an up and coming Ward. It is growing extremely quickly and will continue to with the completion of the Anthony Henday. In the next few years there will be a new Catholic school, library, movie theatres and recreation centre. This is a Ward with a high population of immigrants.

Population: 70,849
Eligible voters: 53,416
Neighbourhoods: 33
Councillor: Ed Gibbons (since 2001)

Key Issues:

Growth is an issue in this Ward. There are 285 lots coming on sale this fall with many more expected in the spring. This is a Ward that is about to boom. Part of that is because of the expansion of the Anthony Henday. The councillor elected in this Ward will be responsible for making sure the growth is responsible and done correctly.