EDMONTON -- The motorcyclist who died after an accident near Fairview, Alta. on Friday was a single mother of seven children, business woman, and volunteer firefighter.

Chantelle Jadot, 42, was was travelling back to her home in Grande Prairie, Alta. from her business in Red Earth Creek when the crash happened.

RCMP said two motorcycles were travelling southbound and a northbound pickup truck collided.

According to Mounties, Jadot was declared dead on scene. The driver of the truck and second motorcycle driver received no injuries.

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Family members told CTV News Edmonton that Jadot grew up in Red Earth Creek where she owned a gas station and was a volunteer firefighter.

Jadot was described as “full of energy” and “adventurous.” Her children range in age from three to 19 years old.

Family members said Jadot had moved to Grande Prairie in recent years but still wanted to maintain her gas station and support for her home community of Red Earth Creek.

Jadot’s brother is the local fire chief of Red Earth Creek where she served.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help support her seven children who are now being looked after her boyfriend that had reached over $14,000.

RCMP said the investigation into the accident is still ongoing.