EDMONTON -- Another deer has died in Cameron Heights, caught on the pointed spikes of a fence community members have been fighting to have fixed. 

It is the sixth animal in two years to die from injuries incurred on the fence, according to the area’s city councillor Sarah Hamilton.

“No one wants to wake up on a holiday Monday and see an animal in distress,” she told CTV News Edmonton.

Hamilton says she has received a commitment from the interim city manager that something will be done, but notes that the issue is years in the making.

The fence builder makes a bar which sits on top of the spikes, making it safer for wildlife.

Delta Square, a private developer that owns part of the fence, has retrofitted its portion.

But Hamilton says she was most recently told the city is facing procurement issues to fix its part.

“It’s really hard on the community to have gotten this promise for years and to not see action. When this first happened, people were sending me emails about how they were going to go out and take down the fence with a chainsaw,” Hamilton told CTV News.

“To keep that from happening, which wouldn’t have been safe or helpful… the city assured the neighbourhood it’d be able to fix the fence so animals wouldn’t get hurt. Now fast forward, this is the sixth animal that has died in the past two years," she said.

"This neighbourhood deserves answers.”

More details to come...