EDMONTON -- Approximately 80 bus shelters across Edmonton have been smashed this week, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and a lengthy clean-up.

The glass walls on a number of bus shelters in southwest Edmonton were found shattered Wednesday morning.

At least nine shelters along Riverbend Road between 56 Avenue and Rabbit Hill Road are damaged. Glass covers the ground and caution tape is wrapped around the frames.

City crews were cleaning up the glass and working on repairs around 10 a.m.

Crews cleaning up smashed shelters

"It’s a senseless act, especially at a time when finances are already very much constrained. Every Edmontonian pays for the repair costs," said City of Edmonton communications advisor Rowan Anderson in a statement to CTV News.

The vandalism has included bus shelters in northeast Edmonton since the weekend, and most recently, bus shelters in southwest Edmonton, said Anderson.

The broken glass is expected to be cleaned up by the end of the day for safety reasons, but replacing all the windows will take a few weeks due to the large volume of damaged shelters, he said.

The damage estimate is just over $60, 000 currently.

Edmonton Police Service and the City's Corporate Security team are investigating the vandalism.

Officials are asking anyone who sees a damaged bus shelter not marked by yellow tape to call 311 and report it to the city.