The closure of 95 Avenue between 85 Street and Connors Road is officially underway.

The route will be closed to allow crews to complete construction activities for the Valley Line LRT.

While 95 Avenue is closed, east and west vehicle access will be suspended from 92 Street to 85 Street but northbound and southbound traffic will continue at 92 Street as well as 87 Street.

Several bus stops will be relocated, and some will be closed entirely. A full list of closures can be found on the ETS website. TransEd, the company in charge of Valley LRT line construction, will run a shuttle during peak hours; seven days a week to help people with disabilities access relocated bus stops.

Emergency services will still have access to reach the front of properties on 95 Avenue, or through back alleys, and address signs will be posted in back alleys to help emergency services find properties in the area.

An end date for the construction has not been announced.