EDMONTON -- A friendly wave from a stranger just might be all you need to brighten your day. One Edmonton man says he's likely waved more than a million times over the last seven years.

"Just trying to bring joy to people and make them smile," said Rolland Sarasin.

Sarasin waves to people along his busy street.

"I didn't have cable TV hooked up so I consider this like my cable TV."

He’s finally back to work after being laid off in March due to the pandemic.

"With COVID-19 it gives me more of an opportunity to come out here and sit and interact with people."

He hits the street for a few hours in the morning.

"Just enjoying mother nature and the community."

And then a few more in the evening.

And he’s become a neighbourhood institution.

“We need people who are out spreading cheer," one resident said.

"It makes me feel good,” Sarasin said. “I don't do it for rewards or anything I just come out here and if I can make somebody's day by smiling or waving to them then I really haven't lost anything."

Even the firefighters from the nearby fire hall enjoy a wave from Sarasin.

"They honked the horn and yelled 'YOU'RE FAMOUS' hahaha."

"I think when times are tough little things like a smile or a wave goes a long way," one firefighter said.

"When you can make somebody feel that good just by a simple wave, yeah, there's no better feeling," Sarasin said.