The Edmonton Police Service’s (EPS) latest video doesn’t feature information on crime prevention or show crooks in action, instead, it highlights the force’s furriest recruits.

The scene starts in an unexpected location: a laundromat, where seven-month-old Bama spots a wanted poster seeking police dogs.

He jumps into a minivan and drives to himself – yes, a driving dog – to the training centre. Both paws on the wheel, of course.

In the next scene, Bama and his brother, Crimson, undergo a gruelling series of tests, including push-ups and obstacle challenges.

This video has a happy ending: they both pass the test.

In reality, they’re currently undergoing 18 months of training, and if they pass, then they will move onto to EPS’s dog master training program.

An EPS spokesperson said creating the video is a great way to engage with public and highlight the kind of work it they do that doesn’t always involve criminals.