EDMONTON -- A disabled Edmonton senior who had her $4,000 wheelchair driven away by a thief says she is crying tears of joy after receiving an outpouring of support and offers to help.

Diana Kinnear told CTV News Edmonton Tuesday night about her stolen chair, and by Wednesday afternoon, Kinnear agreed to accept a replacement donated by an Edmonton family. 

“I was just crying last night and when I got up this morning. I was just overwhelmed by the all of the offers. There’s such wonderful people in Edmonton,” Kinnear said. 

At least 20 people reached out to Kinnear with offers of money and replacement wheelchairs. 

An Edmonton realtor contacted CTV News Edmonton within 30 minutes of the story being published with an offer to cover Kinnear’s $1,000 insurance deductible. 

Two other people reached out to this publication with offers to start and donate to fundraisers, and another woman offered a replacement chair. 

Kinnear said a local family contacted her directly and offered a gently used replacement wheelchair similar to hers, and she has accepted that. 

The wheelchair will be delivered Thursday afternoon, Kinnear said.

“People have been absolutely amazing. I’m going to be OK, I’ve asked (people who offered help) if they want help somebody else out out, please do. Pay it forward,” Kinnear said. 

The stolen wheelchair and the man who was captured on security footage taking it have still not been located, Kinnear said. 

The Edmonton Police Service accepts crime tips online, at any station and over the phone at 780-423-4567.