EDMONTON -- Residents of a Beaumont community whose homes were hit with high-calibre rounds from a rifle Wednesday morning say even if it was an accident charges need to be laid.

Six different homeowners in the Forest Heights area reported bullet holes to police.

The investigation led RCMP to a home in Leduc country where they found two firearms, and while the investigation is ongoing, no charges have been laid.

Julee Enman says her three young daughters were sleeping right beside where the bullets hit at approximately 7:30 a.m.

"All three of them were asleep in that same bed," she told CTV News Edmonton. "Had it hit a little bit closer, it definitely would have hit one of them, for sure."

The Enman family wants accountability for the incidents, and they are not alone. Taylor Koester's home was hit twice. The father of a nine-month-old old says he won't be at ease until someone is held responsible.

"Some action needs to be taken so this doesn’t happen again," he said.

One of the rounds that pierced his garage just missed his gas line, and from there, it went into his neighbour's home and shattered her china cabinet.

Neighbours believe the gunfire came from a farm or acreage in the region east of Beaumont.