In the heart of the city, hundreds of athletes from around the world will compete in BMX, skateboard and scooter events this weekend.

The Festival International des Sports Extremes (FISE) has returned, but this time, it will be hosted at Louise McKinney Park instead of William Hawrelak Park.

“This was always the park that when FISE originally came to Edmonton, they loved the vista, they loved the view, they loved the feel,” explained Nicole Poirier, the city’s director of civic events and festivals.

Some of the world’s best professional and amateur riders will compete from Friday to Sunday and Edmontonians are invited to watch for free.

“It’s going to make it feel really intimate. The athletes really drive on that crowd experience, so getting the spectators up close and personal with the athletes is going to be fabulous for the vibe,” Poirier said.

She expects to see larger crowds because more people can easily access the park from public transit.

There is no parking on site; people are encouraged to walk, bike or take transit.

To see the full list of events, click here.