It's that time of year again, mosquito season.  People out playing sports like soccer or slow-pitch have no doubt noticed the pests, but the city says it's not that bad.

According to data collected from more than a dozen traps around the city, the number of mosquitoes so far this spring is well below average, but significantly more than the past three years.

Over the last three years, the number of females caught in traps this time of year averaged at nine, this year the city collected 55.

“We have a bit more mosquitos than we've seen for the last three years, but that's not saying much because the last three years we had essentially nothing,” Peter Daly with the City of Edmonton said.

Daly said one of the more prominent species that appeared this week tolerate the dry heat of the day and are very active in seeking prey.  He also said that their aggression might make them more noticeable to Edmontonians. 

“There are not a lot of mosquitoes out there right now, but the ones that we are seeing are ones that we notice a lot more because they're in our faces during the day,” Daly told CTV News.

He added that although bug spray does little to repel them, their numbers are still very low and it’s likely they won’t be a problem for long as their faster metabolisms shorten their lifespans.

The City said it's difficult to predict how the rest of the summer will go, but mosquitoes need standing water to lay eggs, and warm weather to hatch and thrive.

Mosquitoes are attracted to heat, which dark clothes amplify in the sun.  Experts said the best defence is bug spray with DEET, and wearing light coloured clothing.