Air Canada and WestJet admit to removing bags from flights to keep the weight on the plane down.

"Bulk outs are times when not all bags can be loaded onto an aircraft and that happens for a variety of reasons, sometimes there are simply more bags then there are space for," said Air Canada spokesperson Angela Mah.

"I think it's fair to say that bulk-outs happen from time to time they are not prevalent," said Mah.

Sonny Verma lost his bags on vacation once. He assumed it was a mistake, until he heard about the airline's procedure.

"I ever thought they would ever do that, you are paying a ton of money to go somewhere and they are throwing your clothes out? That is not right," he said.

Bulk outs most often happen in the winter when planes are carrying more fuel and during peak holiday times when passengers bring more luggage.

Bulk outs also happen mostly to small planes, which also have a small cargo area.

The procedure is also news to traveller Jean Boisvert, who has lost his luggage three times in the last seven flights. He says he has never been told about bulk-outs.

"They should address those with the extra luggage never mind those that just came on with one piece," he said.

WestJet also has the bulk-out procedure, but maintains it is a rare occurrence because it doesn't have small planes.

"If there is not enough room on a plane they shouldn't be letting people bring this extra stuff on a regardless," said Verma.

Passengers we spoke with say airlines should at least inform passengers if their bags have been removed.

With files from Kevin Armstrong