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Alberta doesn't plan to increase minimum wage as 6 provinces raise theirs

Six provinces raised their minimum wage this weekend but Alberta has no plans to adjust its base pay of $15 per hour introduced in 2018.

Ontario increased its minimum wage to $16.55; Manitoba to $15.30; Nova Scotia, P.E.I and Newfoundland and Labrador to $15; and Saskatchewan to $14.

The president of the Alberta Federation of Labour wants the provincial government to increase the minimum wage to keep up with inflation.

"If the minimum wage in Alberta had been adjusted to inflation over the past five years it would be worth $17.70 an hour," Gil McGowan told CTV News Edmonton. "That’s a big difference from what people are earning right now.

"For food, for groceries, even at the pump. Everything is up dramatically and when wages don’t keep up with inflation, that’s essentially a wage cut."

A spokesperson for the ministry of jobs and trade told CTV News Edmonton the province does not have plans to change the minimum wage.

"Maintaining the current minimum wage gives employers and employees predictability and stability during a time of economic growth and labour shortages," a statement read.

Yukon has the highest minimum wage in Canada at $16.77, while Saskatchewan has the lowest.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Marek Tkach and Top Stories


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