It's taken a couple of months, but Alberta Education has finally wrapped up its investigation into the January cheating on the Grade 12 diploma math exam.

On Friday, education officials reveal that a student writing the exam overseas has been identified as the source of the breach.

Back in mid January, Alberta Education revealed about a dozen students were caught cheating on their Grade 12 department math exam.

Officials say when a student is out of the country during exam time, a writing centre is typically set up at that location for the student to take the exam.

Then, the student must find a proctor to monitor the exam, which is usually a teacher or coach who sits with them at that remote location. But in this case, education officials say the proctor turned out to be a family member.

"They got the test delivered to them and then shared with the student and that happened a day or two earlier than the examination. The student then scanned it and sent it over the Internet to their friends here," said John Rymer with Alberta Education.

Alberta Education interviewed 200 students and determined ten students in Edmonton received the math exam ahead of time. Those students as well as the Calgary-based student who was overseas are now being disciplined.

The students have received a zero on the exam and will have to wait until next January to write it again. The outcome means if the students require math to graduate, they won't graduate with their class and will have to wait to apply to for post secondary education.

The incident has led Alberta Education to introduce tighter rules for writing the exams out of the country. Officials say they will now thoroughly investigate the exam site and the proctor.

CTV News has learned educators were tipped off to the case when a teacher became suspicious after being approached by a student who wanted help with a math problem. And when that math question appeared on the exam, the teacher suspected that student had knowledge of the exam beforehand and notified authorities.

With files from Laura Tupper