EDMONTON -- The province said it has ordered a record amount of the flu vaccine as it anticipates the number of Albertans wanting the vaccine to increase.

Alberta Health has ordered 1.96-million doses of the vaccine compared to 1.6 million ordered last flu season.

Vulnerable Albertans will be able to get the vaccine through health practitioners as soon as it arrives, which should be no later than Oct. 13. This includes those in long-term care, supportive living, as well as homeless or other marginalized Albertans.

The official flu immunization campaign starts Oct. 19. Immunizations will be available through public health clinics, doctors’ offices and pharmacies.

The province will also be offering a high-dose version of the vaccine for seniors in long-term care facilities for the first time.

Officials said getting a vaccine will help keep flu cases low, which will help health care workers focus on the COVID-19 response.