EDMONTON -- He's a former Edmonton high school star on both the gridiron and the hardwood, but now Ajou Ajou is looking to make his name with U.S. college football's top team. 

Ajou, 18, made highlight reels across American with his first career touchdown catch on the weekend for the top-ranked Clemson Tigers. 

"You definitely don’t see it every day," said his former high school coach Tyler Greenslade. 

"When you see it blowing up on Twitter and you get people texting you saying, 'Hey did you see?'...well that's a cool moment." 

The 6'3" first-year wide receiver is looking to be a part of a program that's won the national title two of the last four seasons. He's the South Carolina school's first-ever Canadian recruit. 

"For them to take note of Ajou’s talent and potential, and sign him, it means a lot," said Greenslade. 

Ajou was recruited to Clemson from a Florida high school after he helped lead the Harry Ainlay Titans to provincial titles in football and basketball while also setting track and field records in high jumping. 

Now in his first year with the Tigers, catches like Saturday's will help earn him more playing time as his college career continues.

"That's big time football," said Greenslade. 

"Certainly to see Ajou at the number one school in the country, you kind of take a step back and say wow like that is really amazing."