Hundreds of trucks rolled onto Parliament Hill on Tuesday morning. The “United We Roll” convoy left from Red Deer on Thursday, hoping their pro-pipeline message will be heard by the Trudeau government.

Five days later, they’re driving their message into the nation’s capital that the federal government needs to get oil pipelines in the ground and eliminate the carbon tax.

The truckers plan to park their rigs in the street in front of the parliament buildings, holding up traffic in that area for a couple of hours.

Organizers say they’re getting a lot of support in Ontario that they didn’t expect.

“It’s just completely overwhelming. Just shows that there’s been a disconnect created in the country and we're bringing the country together,” said organizer Glen Carritt.

Convoy organizers say dozens of rigs are making their way from the east coast and Quebec and will join them in Ottawa.

A GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of the convoy has raised over $128,000.  

There have also been ties to anti-immigration policies: While the convoy is made up of oil producers and farmers, the truck convoy has included some controversial fringe elements, after an open invitation was given to the Yellow Vest protestors.

Critics have accused the Yellow Vests of having racial elements and xenophobia, but the Yellow Vest group argue they’re simply advocating better immigration policies.