EDMONTON -- Daily COVID-19 case numbers broke records this week. On Friday, Alberta recorded its highest ever one-day case count – 622 new cases.

“I’d have to say disappointed because Albertans knew that we had to take responsibility in order to prevent the cases from rising,” said Ken Kobly, president of Alberta Chamber of Commerce.

Kobly worries that rising numbers will soon mean trouble for small businesses.

“Obviously when you have cases rising, some folks will be pushing for the closure of non-essential businesses.”

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Leyla Asadi is one of those people, she thinks the government needs to take further action.

“I think that there are warning signs everywhere,” she said.

She believes the only way to get ahead of the continued spread is to be proactive, meaning lower gathering limits and tighter restrictions.

“Focusing on things like bars, restaurants, perhaps some recreational activities, group recreational activities can be concerning.”

People CTV News Edmonton spoke to agreed.

“I think we’re not going to have a choice soon that more restrictions will have to be put back in place,” one said.

“I honestly think the government should be doing more. That’s my opinion. It doesn’t seem like they’re doing much,” said another.

Asadi says although hospitalization and ICU rates don't seem high, there's already a strain on the system and staff.

“The increase in admissions from COVID patients themselves, you have hospital based outbreaks and you have staffing shortages all of which combine to put extreme stress on the health care system.”

Kobly worries another lockdown would be devastating to small businesses.

“I don’t have a lot of hope for a lot of these small businesses being able to reopen.”

But Asadi believes a lockdown can be avoided if officials act now.

“It’s easy to want to ignore this virus, and if everything is open then I think people might rightfully assume they’re safe to go about doing those things.”