The leader of a western Canada’s separatist movement held a rally in Edmonton Saturday in the hopes of gaining momentum heading into the upcoming federal election.

The group known as Wexit Alberta drew dozens of people to hear about their idea to separate Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba from Canada.

Wexit Alberta promises to “kick Ottawa to the curb” and “elect MLAs loyal to Alberta.”

The founder of the movement, Peter Downing, says the idea of separating is gaining traction among Albertans who feel the west is overlooked in Ottawa.

“If Trudeau gets in, the separatist movement is going to explode,” said Downing.

“People are saying I’m a proud Canadian today, but if Trudeau gets reelected on Oct. 21, I'm going to be a separatist on Oct. 22.”

Downing expects more support if pipelines aren’t built, and if Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is unsuccessful with legal challenges on Bill C-69 and C-48.

The federal election will be held on Oct. 21.