EDMONTON -- The arrest of man at the Edmonton Convention Centre turned violent when bystanders surrounded and threw items at police.

At approximately 1:50 p.m. on Tuesday, officers went to the ECC after hearing a man wanted for a violent crime was there.

Officers found the man but he attempted to flee and resisted arrest, said police.

Multiple bystanders then surrounded the officers, said EPS.

Officers called for help and were able to arrest the man after more EPS members and security guards got there.

Police also arrested a second man for trying to intervene in the arrest of the first man and assaulting an officer, said police.

Officers and security were forced to another area of the convention centre by bystanders who were becoming physical and throwing items at police and security, said EPS.

Police waited for the situation to calm and then exited the building safely with both men, said EPS.

One man was treated by paramedics at police headquarters for a minor injury.

No EPS officers reported any injuries.

EPS says charges are pending and the investigation is continuing.