EDMONTON -- The Art Gallery of Alberta is open again, for the first time since December, and is welcoming back visitors with new exhibits.

“I was here yesterday and got to see some of the artists work up on the wall for the first time,” said Darren W. Jordan, the curator of the gallery. “It was just a visceral experience, there was a lot of tears.”

The new Pride and Indigenous exhibits will also have an online component for Pride Month and National Indigenous History Month.

In addition, 5 Artists 1 Love is celebrating its 15th year with the Black Every Day exhibit. 5 Artists 1 Love is an annual African History Month celebration of the vibrancy in Edmonton’s African-Canadian communities.

“We want to make sure that people understand that being black is not a trend,” said Jordan. “Although right now it’s in the news, it’s in the media, it’s not a trend.

“This is us every day, whether or not people are onside, or whether they are not onside, we are going to go forward and we are still going to be creating we are going to be living our lives as best we can.”

Black Every Day

The Black Every Day exhibit has art from 15 artists on display.

“I think people will leave and they will be moved and they will be educated,” said Jordan. “I think it will spark some curiosity and it will also open people’s eyes again about the diversity within their own community here in Edmonton.”

Visitors need to book a time to visit the gallery in advance. The Black Every Day exhibit is running until Sept. 12.