EDMONTON -- The Whyte Avenue Art Walk is officially underway in Old Strathcona with a scaled down version of the popular event. After 25 years of having artwork displayed on the street, it’s now behind glass being showcased at businesses in the area. 

Giselle Denis has been part of the event for over twenty times.

“It’s where I got started, showing my work to the public and where I Iearned to show my work, talk about my work, get it out there,” she says.

But showing her work this year will be much different than in the past. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, artists will not be set up on the avenue, instead selected works are on display at 18 locations in the Whyte Avenue area. Jill Roszell, who is helping to organize the event, says going smaller was better than not having the event at all.

“We looked at what we could do for at least a handful of our artists and we looked at being able to do a display for everybody to come and see.”

Last year there were close to 500 artists who took part, this year there are 23. Denis, who says she has been creating a lot of art lately, thinks her style of painting reflects what’s she and many other artists are feeling.

“My underlying theme of all my work is hope and so i think that’s a real important theme to have especially right now.”

Organizers are hoping people take a stroll down Whyte Avenue to see the works in person.

Getting outside right now and just being able to walk down the aveniue and to look at the art is just a really nice safe activity,” said Roszell.

But another important activity she says is to take to social media and searching #yegartwalk.

“That is where all of the other artists who might not have necessarily been able to be part of the display are still sharing video and little things about what they’re doing.”

And like in years past, all of the artwork will be for sale.

“Just let your heart guide you and you’ll see the piece that you love and you’ll fall in love with something and you’ll have to take it home,” says Denis.

The Whyte Avenue Art Walk is on until July 30th. You can find a map and more information about the event online.