About 450 people packed a church in the Aspen Gardens neighbourhood Thursday to discuss ways to make the community safer after a senior was raped.

Residents voted to launch the Nosy Neighbour campaign -- a hands-on approach to community safety involving eight houses scattered throughout the south-end community, each having their own block leaders to monitor a small area.

The campaign comes after a 68-year-old woman was at home by herself in the Aspen Gardens neighbourhood Saturday when a man entered her house.

Investigators say the woman was assaulted in her home, near 40th Avenue and 122nd Street, by a strange man wearing dark clothing.

Police said they believe the man may be behind three other attacks in the Garneau neighbourhood from this spring.

Aspen Gardens resident Andrea Trendel said Thursday the impact of hearing of the attack has still not warn off.

"(I'm) still feeling anxious and a little nervous about the events of the past week," she said.

Fellow resident Michael Walters says the notion of strength in numbers gives him added comfort.

"We're really taking responsibility as a community," he said. "We can't do anything about (the things) twisted criminals types will do, but we can do is organize our selves in way so this won't happen again."

Police do not a suspect in custody for the attacks.

Investigators describe the man as about 5'9 tall, with a stocky build, wearing dark clothing and a disguise on his face.