Officials have told CTV Edmonton that the smoke in the air is from wildfires burning in northeastern B.C.

Alberta’s SRD said the wind was carrying the smoke into the northwestern part of the province and into Edmonton.

“The strong winds are coming out of the northwest,” Geoff Driscoll explained “and they are just pushing everything into the city and all across Alberta.”

“We’re seeing winds today that are 35 kilometers an hour, they can definitely push a wildfire to really big, really fast so that is probably what we are seeing from B.C.”

Driscoll said that smoke can travel hundreds of kilometers across North America.

“We had smoke earlier this year that was coming from Montana, from Oregon.”

“Just because it’s the beginning of fall doesn’t mean it’s the end of fire season,” he added.

“It’s still really, really dry.”

He said there were still 24 fires burning across Alberta.

“None of them are considered out of control right now they are all being held or under control but there are a lot of fires that are still burning.”

However, Driscoll advised anyone out this fall to be careful.

“Just make sure if you are having a campfire that you fully extinguish it – soak it, stir the ashes and soak it again.”

The smoke was expected to remain for the next couple of days.

With files from Amanda Anderson