The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a warning Wednesday after baby food was tampered with at a southeast Edmonton Walmart.

Tamper-proof seals were found broken at the Walmart located at 775 Tamarak Way NW. On Thursday, Edmonton police said the same thing happened at a Walmart on Calgary Trail.

When Emily Myrehaug, a Spruce Grove mother, opened the container of Similac formula to feed her baby, she noticed the colour was off.

“Usually it’s a bright white powder, and when I looked it was more of a brown-white,” Myrehaug said. “At first I thought it had just gone bad … Until I decided to taste it and smell it. I could then confirm it was flour."

Myrehaug did not give it to her baby, but she is worried another mother may have.

“I’m very thankful I didn’t give it to my baby. I would’ve never forgiven myself if I had given it to him. And if he had gotten sick or worse.”

Myrehaug notified Walmart Canada, along Similac and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which is now in possession of the formula.

No illnesses have been reported, CFIA said.

Police are investigating the tampering as fraud.

In a statement to CTV News, Walmart Canada said, "We are aware of the CFIA Consumer Advisory and are investigating further."