EDMONTON -- The stories of three animal species being rescued from extinction are being told in Back From the Brink, the latest Imax film to hit the big screen at the Telus World of Science. 

The film focuses on California's Channel Island Foxes, China's Golden Monkeys and Christmas Island's Red Crabs, all of which nearly disappeared off the face of the Earth. 

"Through careful, thoughtful human interventions we've been able to bring them back and restore some balance to the eco systems where these animal lives," said Alan Nursall with the Telus World of Science. 

"These stories are incomparable on the big screen. In Imax, they come through in a vividness and an intensity you can't get in any other format." 

The film showcases the species' survival struggles as well as the rescue efforts to preserve them. 

"We have a good track record as humans of messing up habitats but when we put our minds to it and when people show how thoughtful leadership we can really make a difference." 

The film opens at TWOSE on Friday. 

With files from Graham Neil