EDMONTON -- An accused sex offender who allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl in Edmonton is back in custody after his bail was revoked Tuesday.

Wade Stene, 37, did not appear in court but had his bail revoked at the request of his lawyer following nearly two weeks of community protests.

Protesters in the McQueen neighbourhood cheered as Stene was taken back into custody 13 days after police released him into the public.

Residents in the neighbourhood had taken to protesting Stene's release back into the community, where he was living just blocks away from his alleged victim.

Last week, the young girl's family said it condemned Stene's release but also did not condone threats and harassment directed toward his family, asking that future protests be staged at the courthouse.

Stene's lawyer said some residents even tried to break into the home and uttered threats.

"We can look at what's been happening outside of his house with vigilante justice, what I've termed 'criminal acts' that have been occurring," said Mark Jordan. "There's a real fear for Mr. Stene's safety, for the safety of his mother."

The defence has filed a Police Act complaint against the Edmonton Police Service about the public warning issued to residents saying Stene would be living in the neighbourhood.

EPS did not provide comment on Stene's bail revocation on Tuesday.

CTV News Edmonton cannot report on the judge's reasons for agreeing to revoke bail as Tuesday's proceedings were under a publication ban.

The Stene case is due back in court on Thursday, though it's unclear if he will appear in the courtroom.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Dan Grummett.