EDMONTON -- This long weekend marks the beginning of the new normal in Alberta, as many local businesses opened their doors for the first time since public health orders were put in place back in mid-March. While many are eager to get out and support some of their favourites places, following the new guidelines requires some patience.

It was a sense of Deja-vu for the Royal Alberta Museum this weekend.

"We have some experience in opening a museum,” said Chris Robinson of the Royal Alberta Museum. “We did it about 18 months ago, 42,000 people through that weekend but we won't be getting 42,000 this weekend, but on purpose."

Under strict provincial guidelines, the museum is only allowing a maximum of 100 people in the building at a time.

To facilitate that, visitors are expected to go online to buy tickets that come with an entry time. The experience inside is much different as well.

"There's a one way flow in to the museum and out, we've got markers reminding people of that flow, social distancing signs, enhanced cleaning protocols, available hand sanitizer."

The museum wasn't the only place managing what is the new normal; many were excited to kick off a delayed patio season.

"You hear everything from I’ve been waiting for this for six weeks, from I’m just excited to not be in my house," said Colton Hogg of Malt and Mortar.

With capacity at all restaurants cut in half, it could make for longer wait times, but those out on Saturday believe it's worth it.

There is no timeline for when the province will move forward with the second stage of reopening. It will depend on whether Alberta will continue to flatten the curve under the new guidelines.