EDMONTON -- The city of Beaumont announced today that they're closing all city buildings to the public to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

"We are now working on alternatives to deliver services that were available through City Hall and will update you as information becomes available," said Mayor John Stewart in a media release Wednesday.

Beaumont City Hall is closed to the public. Family and Community Support Services will only be permitting access to services or appointments, but residents must call to be let into the building.

Beaumont Fire Hall and RCMP detachment are closed to the public as well.

Beaumont has contingencies in place to make sure services like fire protection, policing, ambulance, drinking water and other critical services continue without disruption, said Stewart.

"Council is also examining steps that we can take to ease financial challenges for Beaumont residents and businesses," said Stewart, adding that it's important for residents to take care of their mental health during this time.

"Finally, remember that this is temporary and there is every reason [for] hope. All levels of government have your back, as does the entire community of Beaumont," said Stewart.

For a list of mental health resources for Beaumont residents click here​.