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Big pizza party promise if Oilers win Stanley Cup


That's a lot of dough.

A major pizza franchise is pledging to provide 30,000 free pizzas to people in Edmonton and across the country if the Oilers win the Stanley Cup in Monday's Game 7 against the Florida Panthers.

Boston Pizza, in a media release on Sunday, said it promises to "make it rain pizzas in Oil Country and across Canada on parade day."

"Canadians heard our calls to cheer for Canada and rallied behind us,” Peter Blackwell, senior vice-president of marketing and communications for the international company that started in Edmonton in the early 1960s.

“While some refused to toss their allegiances aside, many chose to join the excitement and cheer on Canada’s last standing team. That calls for a celebration ... and lots of pizza.”

Boston Pizza said fans and Edmontonians "should remain on the lookout for the biggest pizza delivery in history" on the day of the parade, if it happens. Top Stories


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