EDMONTON -- A sculpture of the two characters made famous by SCTV's Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas popped up on a bench on 103 Avenue and 103 Street Wednesday.

Thomas himself weighed in on the public art piece, which has been in the works for years.

"The characters were born in Edmonton we started the show in Toronto, but then we moved to Edmonton and really the whole cast agrees our best work was done in Edmonton," said Thomas.

SCTV, Second City Television, was a popular Canadian sketch comedy show that ran between 1976 and 1984.

Thomas said he and Moranis would wait until the last possible second to come up with their ideas for their segment, Great White North.

The statue finally became a reality after an SCTV monument committee was formed. They hired Edmonton sculptor and SCTV fan Ritchie Velthuis to make it, and it took him over a year to create the piece.

"For me this is probably the most significant piece of work that I have done to date, and I'm super proud of it," said Velthuis.

Both Thomas and Moranis were encouraged to make suggestions as the sculpture was being made.

"He consulted us along the way, and we'd say, 'Nah, our fingers look too long, or make my nose a little smaller.' stuff like that," said Thomas.

Thomas and Moranis are planning to come to Edmonton to see the statue in person as soon as they can, but Thomas says he's happy with how they turned out.

"Now here we are in Edmonton made of bronze, and birds will be crapping on us for years to come."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Graham Neil.