It turns out the now-famous "Bob From Calgary" comment to a New York Times story was actually written by someone from Edmonton.

Robert Summers is a researcher and instructor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta, and says in a Globe and Mail opinion piece that he wrote the comment.

Summers writes that he was visiting Calgary when he signed up to the New York Times to post a reaction to a 2010 column about wealth and privilege.

"Bob From Calgary" received some 7,040 recommendations for his comment on a 2010 column about wealth and privilege written by Paul Krugman.

The newspaper, which fields some 9,000 comments each day, says Bob's is the top post "of all time."

In his comment, Bob praises Canada's public schools, universal health care and banking system and says his tax bill is only two per cent higher than it would be south of the border.

He also says he doesn't feel Canadians are in any way less free than their American counterparts.