There are reports from Australia that a woman convicted of killing her two sons in Alberta may have committed suicide.

Australian TV station 7 News is reporting that a body found under a bridge in Central Coast (north of Sydney) is believed to be that of Allyson McConnel.

McConnell, who was convicted of manslaughter in the January 2010 drowning deaths of her sons, 10-month-old Jayden and 2-year-old Connor, had been deported back to her home country of Australia in April.

McConnell was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter in the deaths of her sons - originally charged with second-degree murder, she was later acquitted of those charges.

She faced two six-year sentences, to be served concurrently, given two-for-one credit for time served. McConell was eligible for early release after 10 months and was deported upon her release.

After it was learned that McConnell was eligible for early release, Solicitor General Jonathan Denis pledged that Alberta Justice officials would follow through with appeals that were ongoing with the case. "This is not over," vowed Denis, "we will continue with the appeal until all avenues have been exhausted.”

The family of her former husband, Curtis McConnell, issued a statement following her release: "We fear that if Allyson Meager McConnell is deported to Australia, we will never see her face justice for the horror and terror she inflicted on two innocent babies before killing them."