Police have launched an investigation after a person walking across the Cameron Avenue foot bridge discovered a body floating on top of an ice floe.

Rescue crews were called to the scene around 12:30 p.m. Sunday and had to use their rapid deployment craft to get to the middle of the North Saskatchewan river.

"Edmonton Fire & Rescue conducted a very difficult rescue for us due to obviously the river conditions and the weather this time of year," said Acting Insp. Blair Edl.

A Medical Examiner was also dispatched to the location, though authorities say it's too early to tell if foul play was involved.

"The person has been on the ice for some time. They've been in the river here, judging by the state of the body, for an extended period of time," said Edl.

"Our investigation is just beginning. This is a regular sudden death investigation for us.

"Our efforts right now are first of all to determine the identity of the person involved, determine the cause of death and to notify the family members."