CTV News has learned that employees from Bosco Homes have been told the facility for troubled youth will close in 90 days.

An employee told CTV that facility workers were brought into a meeting and told that they will lose their jobs.

Officials with Child and Family services say they have not received any notice that Bosco intends to end their contract. Officials said the province has certainly not initiated this process.

There is no word on what will happen to the youth currently staying at the facility.

Bosco Homes was thrust into the spotlight after the bodies of Susan Trudel and Barry Boenke were found on a property east of Ardrossan back in June. Two youths who fled from Bosco face have been charged in connection to the murders.

Changes to the controversial youth facility were just starting to take shape after area residents met with facility officials to discuss safety concerns.

Bosco Homes said since the incident, it's constructed a clearing path for a fence installation around the property in Strathcona County. Construction had already began on a 10 foot chain-link mesh fence around the perimeter of the building.

The facility already started to install magnetic locks on some of the doors.  Bosco said the new changes were to cost about $320,000.