EDMONTON -- A building in downtown Edmonton has been evacuated after a vehicle hit the sprinkler room in the parkade on Friday.

The crash happened around 9:50 a.m. at 100 Street and 101A Avenue.

“Half of the Hyundai Sonata went into the wall. Literally cut in half. So water is bursting out of every pipe in the parkade,” said Rita Lazzer, who was evacuated from the building.

Fire crews were called to assist with the water pooling in the parking lot.

“They are shutting off certain parts of the building so they want everybody out of the building while they do that,” said Wade Lamb of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services. “They actually have the elevator shut down now because water was leaking down there so people have to come down the stairwell to get into their car.”

EPCOR arrived on scene by 11 a.m. to turn of the sprinkler system. 

The have been no injuries reported because of the incident, and traffic in the area was not impacted.