EDMONTON -- It may take some time for homeowners and business owners to recover from Tuesday’s snow squall. Some are dealing with a raft of repairs while others are still waiting to find out just how bad the damage is.

The grain elevators at Flaman Sales right beside the QEII in Nisku should be standing upright, and they were until about 7:40 p.m. on Tuesday night.

The elevators, which weigh 2,000 – 3,000 pounds each, blew over in the high winds.

Flaman’s regional operations manager Neil Campbell says their security camera shows other big farming equipment on their lot like a grain auger being blown over. The camera also captured the moment that a semi blew over on the QEII.

“It almost looks like a magic trick, because you see the tractor and it goes behind our sign, and once it goes behind it kind of disappears you can just faintly see the lights and the sparks in the snow and the trailer dragging down the highway,” said Campbell.

Flamen has the heavy equipment needed to clean all the mess on its lot, but just like homeowners who suffered damage, they have to go through insurance, and that will take time, and they’re just one of many who are looking for help.

“Yesterday we had 400 hundred phone calls,” said Matthew Dyck of Sergeant Roofing on Thursday. “Literally when we were taking a phone call we missed six other phone calls.”

Dyck said this is the biggest shingle winter event the company has ever seen, and if your home suffered roof damage and haven’t called to get temporary patching already, you’re looking at a two to three week wait.

He’s also warning homeowners not to go up on the roof themselves.

“If you’ve never been on a roof before, stay off your roof, let the professionals do it. We’ve got the safety equipment, you can see he’s got a harness on.”

Instead of grabbing a ladder, homeowner Darren Bladon went immediately to his phone.

“I’m pretty thankful that there’s somebody here right now,” he said. “The other companies that I talked to reached out the next day and said ‘We can’t commit to a time,’ so yeah, I’m pretty thankful that these guys are here right now.” 

With files from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk.