A social media expert says that too many businesses are not treating social media as seriously as they should be.

The warning comes just a day after people expressed their disgust after a tweet from The Treasury Vodka Bar, which revealed a police Checkstop location.

“They are in a PR problem right now and they’re not dealing with it. They are losing money every minute they don’t deal with it,” Walter Schwabe from FusedLogic told CTV News.

Schwabe said The Treasury made a fatal flaw.

“What they did was they went onto Facebook, a completely separate platform and communicated there hoping that everybody would find that.

“There needs to be a cultural shift within in the business decision makers and their mindset regarding how seriously they take social media technologies today.”

Schwabe said social media was a serious form of communication and businesses needed to have a plan around the perimeters of how they would be using it.

“A lot of people still think it’s just a waste of time and it really isn’t if you know what you are doing.”

He advises businesses to have tight security measures for official social media accounts.

“The issue is when someone transitions out of your business then you need to take security precautions and change passwords and access immediately.”