A local organization has launched a 12-day campaign aimed at promoting inclusive hiring and helping Edmontonians with disabilities find jobs.

The Gateway Association launched their 12-12-12 campaign Saturday. Organizers are asking for 12,000 donations of $12 each, over the next 12 days.

The group hopes to end hiring discrimination against those with intellectual disabilities.

“It’s going to end on December 12 of 2012 and we’re going to use those dollars to help bring about more opportunities for inclusive employment for adults with disabilities,” said Cindy de Bruijn, executive director for the Gateway Association.

“One-third of your lifetime is spent doing your lifetime or at work and when you meet someone new they always ask ‘what do you do’ or ‘where do you work’ but for a whole group of our population, they don’t have that opportunity, they don’t have that opportunity for identity so we’re thinking this is a good first step towards that.”

The kick-off to the 12-day campaign featured 12 bands playing 12-minute sets at West Edmonton Mall.

Twelve stories of successful employment were also highlighted.

“This is a big event for us. We’re really hoping the campaign is a success,” de Bruijn said.

“Make a $12 donation and be one of those 12,000 Edmontonians making this big difference.”

Click here for more information on how you can help the 12-12-12 campaign.

The Gateway Association has been operating for 37 years and works with families and individuals with developmental disabilities.