In the midst of a cannabis supply shortage, some Edmonton pot shops have simply closed their doors until they have stock to sell.

Chris and Nicole Felgate opened Small Town Buds in Devon on Oct. 17—but haven’t been able to stay open for a full week since. At times, they’ve run out of stock just two days after a resupply.

“We've had a six-day week one time, which is pretty good, however we always end up running out of product,” Chris said.

According to the co-owner, the supply inconsistency has frustrated customers.

Small Town Buds updates clients on its stock availability via social media, and even implemented a text alert system for when inventory arrives.

“If you went into Mac's and every single time you wanted to get your favourite Doritos they didn't have them because the guy before you bought it, you'd be a little bit annoyed.”

Heather Holmen, a spokesperson for the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission, said it is unknown when the national shortages will end.

However, the AGLC prioritizes stocking stores before the website.

“We need to see some stability and consistency in terms of stock, and what’s coming in,” Holmen explained.

“Perhaps even more producers to offset some of that strain,” she suggested.

The Felgates have decided business—while unpredictable—is good enough to wait the shortage out, hoping their patience with the budding industry will pay off.

With files from Jeremy Thompson