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Cat-like robot serving at Edmonton restaurant


A Chinese food restaurant in Edmonton wants customers to give its latest staff member a warm welcome.

Buddy Wonton Seafood Restaurant has added a feline robot to its roster of servers.

“We got it a couple weeks ago,” Jack Zheng, the restaurant owner, said. “It works very good.”

Workers key in the table number and the robot does the rest. The restaurant is testing it out courtesy of a local company and so far it’s going well.

“It has helped us a lot, and we feel he’s also cute,” Zheng smiled.

(Courtesy: Dave Mitchell)

Not only is the robot a hit with the owner but patrons seem to like the unexpected addition to the establishment as well.

“It’s kind of fun,” one customer told CTV News Edmonton.

“[It] caught me off guard when [it] first came toward me,” she laughed. “I didn’t know what it was, but it’s pretty cool.”

Zheng told CTV News he’s seen more reservations as a result of his new robot worker. Top Stories

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