A cat was killed by two coyotes overnight in south Edmonton.

When Dennis Owens and his wife moved to The Chateau at Whitemud Ridge, they thought the ravine was too far away to worry about coyotes.

On Thursday at 3 a.m., surveillance video shows two coyotes chasing Lucy the cat. What happened after the chase is not captured by the surveillance camera, but moments later, a coyote walks back into view, and then the second coyote is seen holding something large in its jaws.

Owens said all that's left are a few tufts of her black and white coat.

"Coyotes don't normally go for cats, but if the situation does present itself, they can and they will," City of Edmonton Park Ranger Shawn Beskowiney said.

Owens said if he and his wife get another cat, they will keep it on a leash.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk