EDMONTON -- Mother’s living in Shepherd’s Care Kensington continuing care facility were visited by their children via the window to mark Mother’s Day.

Teresa Kaucky hasn’t hugged her 95-year-old mom since March 11, so she dropped off a gift for her mom, and stood outside the window of her first floor suite.

“It’s really hard,” she said 

While some continuing care facilities are now allowing outdoor visits, as of Thursday, Shepherd’s Care Kensington had recorded 32 COVID-19 cases—22 residents and 10 staff. The outbreak meant a lockdown is still in effect. 

On Mother’s Day, staff delivered a carnation and a book to every mother at their site. Families could drop off flowers, or other gifts at the front door. 

It’s why Susan Fraser and her brother stood on the sidewalk to shout hugs and kisses, and brought their mother Mary Yaeck her favourite treat—chocolate. 

“I’ve managed to cope with it I think quite nicely and they’re taking such good care of us here,” Yaeck said, who added she appreciated seeing her children, even if it was from the window. 

“She’s always been there for me so I think the very least we can do is come and wave to her and make sure she has something just a little special,” Fraser said. 

Vanessa Bright, a staff member dressed up in colourful decor, who was singing at the entrance while holding an umbrella said she spent her day trying to cheer up residents—reading cards to them, and connecting them with their families via Zoom or skype. 

In one case, she read a card to a woman who is visually impaired. 

“I got to read that care to her. And the daughter was crying at the other end and said ‘I love you so much.’ It was really nice,” Bright said.