EDMONTON -- A new colourful mural in the Highlands neighbourhood is drawing attention.

Kind Ice Cream’s newest location is the home of the bright art piece. Shop owner Paula Shyba says the artwork is meant to convey a sense of community.

"It's been really fun because a lot of people who live on the street have commented about how it just brings a lot of energy and vibrancy to the neighbourhood itself, so it's been really cool to see."

The owners hired an Edmonton artist who is now living in Los Angeles to create the piece, and had a second artist physically paint the mural.

"I was really thinking about the fall fair and times in which we can gather together, and how music is such a big part of that," said artist Tallulah Fontaine.

The design was inspired by the style of Russian fairy tales and Ukrainian folk art.

"Having that as the central theme of the mural would be just a nice reminder of good times to come and when we can all gather again," said Fontaine.

"People are coming by and sort of discussing which character they like and relate to, taking a picture of their favourite part of the mural," said Shyba. "So it's really cool because it's kind of dynamic in that sense."

The mural is located at 65 Street and 112 Avenue at Kind Ice Cream's Highlands location.